Farah's Cooking Diary


Gajar Ka Halwa


1- 2kg Chopped Carrot peeled (Kadukash Kiya Huya)

2- 1 Cup Khoya

3- 1 Cup Powder Milk 

4- 1 Cup Sugar 

5- 1 Cup Ghee

6- Pistachios as Much as Required 

7- Almonds  as Much as Required 

8- Saffron Powder as Mush as Required 

                                                     9- 6 To 8 Cardamom 


Take a pan put 1 Cup Ghee in it let the ghee melt. And now add the Cardamom's let it cook for a bit then it should get to a point where it starts smelling good. And now add the whole grated carrot and cook it for 20 min keep on moving until it's raw smell vanishes (Gajar Ka Halwa is very good in Winters) I cooked it about 3 to 2 minutes on High Flame then i lower the flame to "Medium High" and now it's leaving water. I won't add milk or water, i'll just  continue cooking ti in slow flame till it's water Dry's out after it dried out i cooked it on high flame fro 15 min & the Oil should start Extracting from it. Now i'll add 1 Cup Sugar. when the Sugar is melted now we have to cook until sugar's water vanishes. When the water vanishes add milk in it "1 Cup Powder Milk" Stir it for 5 min then add half Cup Khoya In It. Now Cook It for more 2 to 3mins. I didn't add Saffron because its already looking great You can add essence in it for a good smell or u can add rose water Before taking it out, add some crushed Pistachios and Almonds. It's Ready, Cook It and Enjoy It, As-salamu alaykum :)

Farah Naz
Farah's Cooking Diary